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Formalin Disposal

Formalex® “GREEN” (“FXG”) - The Eco-Friendly method to Safely Treat & Destroy 10% NBF Formalin, Glutaraldehyde and other aldehyde waste solutions. This New & Improved Formula makes Formalex® GREEN the Safest Choice for you, your lab and our environment.
The # 1 Choice for the past 20-years, when safety of working personnel is essential.


FORM-ZERO™ (“FZ”) - Formalin Reducing Agent, “From Formalin to Drain in 20-Minutes". 

A unique Powered Reagent Blend Safely Neutralizes 10% NBF Formalin, Formaldehyde & Glutaraldehyde waste solutions. Simply add 1-bottle of FormZero™ reagent to 1-Gallon or 4-Liters of 10% Formalin or 2.5% glutaraldehyde waste solution.