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Chemical Solutions and Reagents

Slide Brite™ Xylene Alternative - The safest choice for a xylene alternative available today. It’s non-flammable and odorless, with no vapor masking or disguising additives.

S-Mount™ Mounting Medium - specially designed as a permanent mounting medium for use with Slide Brite™ Xylene Alternative.

Form-C™ & Formalin Solutions -Form-C is a high purity, neutral buffered formalin concentrate One gallon of Form-C makes FIVE Gallons of 10% NBF (Neutral Buffered Formalin) 

AutoSuite™ - A cleaner degreaser for autopsy and necropsy tables, sinks and floors. This is a general purpose cleaner specially designed for animal fats. Continual use of AutoSuite™ will keep drains free flowing and significantly reduce grease buildup.

SASCO Solidifiers & Neutralizers

  • Acid Handler™ "Spill Procedure” - A flowable powder designed to raise the pH of an acid solution and solidify the liquid providing for a safe non-hazardous clean up.
  • Base Control™ "Spill Procedure” - A flowable powder designed to lower the pH of a caustic solution and solidify the liquid providing for a safe non-hazardous clean up.
  • Solvent Handler™ "Spill Procedure” - A free flowing granular material designed to reduce the flammability and solidify flammable hydrocarbon solutions providing a safe method of clean up.
  • Chlorine Control™ "Spill Procedure” - A specially formulated flowable powder designed to lower the pH, neutralizing chlorine solutions and solidifying them for a safe non-hazardous clean up.
  • Polyform-F™ "Spill Procedure” - A very unique granular material designed to destroy formaldehyde, formaldehyde-based fixatives, glutaraldehyde and other aldehyde solutions, eliminating the harmful vapors in 2 to 3 minutes. The end product is a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer, making clean up and disposal safe and easy with no formaldehyde vapors.
InfuTrace - a unique solution designed for use as a secondary perfusion solution, point injection solution, a specimen dip or a spray solution for human/animal cadavers, tissue-parts, organs, or pro-sections. InfuTrace™ gently complexes formaldehyde, destroying its harmful vapors without compromising tissue fixation. It significantly reduces the risk of formaldehyde vapor exposure to faculty and students in anatomy and biology labs.

FORM-ZERO™ (“FZ”) - Formalin Reducing Agent, “From Formalin to Drain in 20-Minutes”. A unique Powered Reagent Blend Safely Neutralizes Formaldehyde & Glutaraldehyde waste solutions. Simply add 1-bottle of FormZero™ reagent to 1-Gallon or 4-Liters of 10% Formalin or 2.5% glutaraldehyde waste solution.

Formalex® “GREEN” (“FXG”) - The Eco-Friendly method to Safely Treat & Destroy Formalin, Glutaraldehyde and other aldehyde waste solutions. This New & Improved Formula makes Formalex® GREEN the Safest Choice for you, your lab and our environment. 

The # 1 Choice for the past 20-years, when safety of working personnel is essential.